I'm a contract web developer working in the greater Philadelphia area of the US and remotely abroad. I specialize in the React framework and creating customized static websites that are incredibly efficient, reliable, economical and secure.

For a little over 10 years I was in business as a software and user-interface analyst as well as a development project manager. While the experience was insightful and the work interesting, I decided to leave the corporate world and start doing what I actually love: building awesome websites.

I take pride in everything I create and find ways to layer subtle -- and unique -- elements into each application so it stands out from the rest.

Skills Snapshot:

CSS-in-JS IconCSS-in-JS
Gatsby IconGatsby
Javascript IconJavascript
Node IconNode
React IconReact
Responsive-Design IconResponsive-Design

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Sample Projects

Alaina Renn Art

A completely custom e-commerce static website hooked into shopify. Note that this is a portfolio piece and not a real artist.

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Bandera Tax Services

A tax service non-profit landing page site which directs users to schedule an appointment online or call their hotline.

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Dr. Kimberly Ludwigsen

A therapist's static website which directs users to their phone to schedule a consultation.

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One Royal Monkey

A promotional website for the One Royal Monkey Embroidery company. It is a static site and uses a CMS for the owner to manage the photos and content.

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Pet Same Age Day

A simple static website that shows you the date when you and your pet will be the same age. Built for a customer with a passion for pets.

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Philabrew Cafe

A sample static website built with Gatsby and hosted on Netlify. It uses a Contentful.com CMS to manage the menu items and blog posts.

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