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Full Stack Web Developer and Designer

I'm a contract web developer working in the greater Philadelphia area of the US and remotely abroad. I specialize in the React framework and creating customized static websites that are incredibly efficient, reliable, economical and secure.

For a little over 10 years I was in business as a software and user-interface analyst as well as a development project manager. While the experience was insightful and the work interesting, I decided to leave the corporate world and start doing what I actually love: building awesome websites.

I take pride in everything I create and find ways to layer subtle -- and unique -- elements into each application so it stands out from the rest.

Skills Snapshot:

CSS-in-JS IconCSS-in-JS
Gatsby IconGatsby
Javascript IconJavascript
Node IconNode
React IconReact
Responsive IconResponsive

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I specialize in writing applications using React.js, an open-source framework created by Facebook to make web development more streamlined and effective.


Working with React makes developers' jobs easier, increasing productivity and giving us time to focus on the details.

Component Based

React applications are compartmentalized into components making features easier to implement, maintain and update.


React has a massive community of supporters offering resources for nearly every possible feature you could want in a web application.

Static Websites

Websites today are packed with engaging content and features, all of which need to be "fetched" and processed when a page loads so that the browser can display it properly. The more complex a site, the longer it takes to load. A static website allows us to have the best of both worlds: dynamic content with lightning fast page speeds.


Static sites are incredibly reliable and stable as they require minimal resources to host, unlike a traditional site. Even if a static site's API or CMS goes offline the site itself will remain active and fully functional.


Static sites are very search-engine friendly as all the information is pre-compiled into static html elements which are easy to parse through. Even your dynamic data that changes will be optimized and broken down into static html.

High Performing

Remarkably fast-loading and efficient pages are one of the key attributes of static sites, blowing their competition out of the water and providing an unmatched user experience for your customers.

Recent Projects

Bandera Tax Services

A tax service non-profit landing page site which directs users to schedule an appointment online or call their hotline.


Dr. Kimberly Ludwigsen

A therapist's static website which directs users to their phone to schedule a consultation.


Professionality Guild

A World of Warcraft guild website used to manage event signups and resources with a customized API back-end.


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